Modifying an existing template on the server

To modify a template on the Dreamweaver server, and in turn in the Konductor AIR application, please do the following:

  1. If the Files floating panel is not visible, go to the Window menu, and select the Files menu item
  2. Ensure that the site that you initially defined has been selected in the pull down box
  3. Ensure that the modified template has the same regions as the template that exists on the server. Tolearn hoe to compare templates from this dialog, please follow the instructions on the Adobe Developer Connection.
  4. Click on the Synchronize button. (It looks like two arrows pointing at each other) Alternatively, you can also go to the Site menu, and select the Synchronize Sitewide... menu item.
  5. Select Entire 'Sitename' Site from the Synchronize pull down box
  6. Select Pet newer files to remote from the Direction pull down box
  7. Click the Preview... button
  8. Ensure that your modified template and any associated files that show up are marked Put, and click the OK button.